Adding a Finished Basement to Your Home in Minneapolis, MN

Finished Basement Minneapolis MNA finished basement can provide the extra space you and your loved ones desire in your Minneapolis, Minnesota, home. Unlock the potential your basement has by hiring U.S. Patio Systems and Home Remodeling to turn your underutilized space into an area of your home you actually want to spend time in. We have years of experience helping homeowners update their houses and are confident we can help you obtain the finished basement you’ve always dreamed of.

When remodeling your basement at your Minneapolis, MN, home, you can transform the space into any type of room to meet the needs of you and your family members. We commonly work with clients who want to use a finished basement for:

  • Home office space
  • Guest quarters
  • Entertaining
  • Indoor play areas for kids
  • And more

These are just a few ideas of what you can do with your basement. At U.S. Patio Systems and Home Remodeling, our team of experts can handle a wide range of installations, so when working with us, the possibilities for your basement are endless. We are able to install insulation, drywall, HVAC ducts and vents, wood wall framing, electrical wiring, plumbing, and more. In short, we are able to convert your unfinished basement into a livable space with a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

For more information on how you can benefit from adding a finished basement to your home in Minneapolis, MN, contact U.S. Patio Systems and Home Remodeling today.