Basement Finishing Solutions

If your home basement is used primarily for storage, you’re missing out on prime square footage you could otherwise use for extra living space. With U.S. Patio System’s Basement Finishing from TEMO, you can transform an unfinished or barren basement into a new room your entire family can enjoy. And the best part: You can do it yourself, and in a matter of days.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a home entertainment center, or perhaps an extra bedroom where family and other guests can stay when they visit. With TEMO’s high-quality basement solutions, you can cover existing walls with high-quality, pre-finished thermal panels that will instantly change the feel of the entire room.

Installation of the wall panels is quick, easy and clean. The process involves only three steps: Lay the base track for your wall panel, set your panel and then fasten it into place with a hanging bracket. It’s as simple as that. Repeat around the entire room, and before long, you’ll feel like you’re in an entirely new room.

Your home basement doesn’t have to be a holding pen for junk and other storage. If you’re ready to maximize your living space, contact U.S. Patio Systems. We want to help you get the most use out of your home today!