Outdoor Living

Spend more time enjoying the great outdoors just beyond your home. At U.S. Patio Systems, we offer a variety of outdoor living enhancements that connect you with nature while keeping you comfortable and cozy at the same time.

We want the best for your property, which is why we offer products from TEMO, the premier manufacturer of home sunroom products. With our extensive line, which includes everything from sunrooms to pergolas, we can upgrade the exterior space surrounding your home, giving you an entirely new living area to enjoy.

Enjoy Time Outdoors All Year Long!

Ever imagine yourself stretched out on a cozy couch, surrounded by views of your yard and natural light, but without having to worry about bugs or how the weather’s behaving? Try one of our TEMO sunrooms, which create an open-air feel in a space that’s technically still within the confines of your home. We offer several different styles, including Solariums, California sunrooms, Cathedral sunrooms and Studio sunrooms.

Or maybe you like the concept of the sunroom, but would rather feel the cool breezes while you’re relaxing, too. Our TEMO screen rooms are the perfect solution—they give you access to the great outdoors, but keep insects and other pests out. We also offer TEMO pergolas and TEMO patio covers, which create the perfect shady spot for you to relax outside your home and keep you sheltered from unexpected rain.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, U.S. Patio Systems has the perfect solution. Read more about our products, and contact our expert staff for more information. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and can arrange for a free, in-home estimate at your convenience.